Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mural-rich street in Guanajuato, México

In case you haven't gone much past Nogales or Rocky Point into Mexico, the blog entries today and next time will give you a taste of the fantastically well-done murals you'll find. This entry, and the next, are another of our occasional jumps out of Tucson.

We wandered off the “Gringo Trail” (as travelers call it: the main tourist routes), up several side streets, off Plaza Mexíamora until we found narrow Callejon Perros Muertos. I was surprised to see that, even off the main tourist streets, buildings are still painted in many colors, like this:

As I looked along Perros Muertos, I saw a mural or three. OK, we had to walk that direction. :)

This street sign is on the same wall:

Now, the rest of our walk up this short street. First, a worn wall:

A bit farther along are two murals side by side. The closest mural is the iconic Frida Kahlo; the second an amazingly-detailed tiger (as always, you can click on it for a larger view):

Here's the last mural on this short, narrow street. It's big enough that I couldn't get close. So the second photo below shows the mural above the door. The third is a closeup of a sign in the middle of the mural:

What we travelers need, I think, is a blog — or a photo-filled map — for every mural-rich city!

(Though I didn't spot any artistic mailboxes in Guanajuato — like the ones on the Tucson Mailbox Art blog, there was a shiny metal letter drop in the middle of a dark door on this screet: Classic correos in Guanajuato, Mexico.)

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