Wednesday, April 19, 2017


North wall of an apparently vacant building.

Photographed on April 07, 2017.
As always, click on the photo for a larger and sharper image.

Update (June 30, 2021): The building isn't vacant now. Inside is Tanline Printing. Marcus Robiason painted the mural.

Update (November 30, 2021): Today's post includes what Marcus wrote about his style and how he paints.


MNL (Cactus Haiku) said...

I saw that too. It's pretty cool. Building is not vacant though. A pet dog was barking ferociously behind the red door when I got too close to take a pic. Made me jump!

Cactus Catz said...

It's not a vacant building. A dog barked from inside when I was taking a pic of the mural.