Friday, August 21, 2020

Public mural you can't see (at TMC)

Until the pandemic struck, you could go inside Tucson Medical Center to admire the art that lines their hallways (the Healing Art Program… click there to see a series of web pages showing some of the art). Jeff Christensen created and donated this mosaic mural in the pediatric courtyard:

Thanks to Jeff for the photo. When I asked for details, he wrote:
it’s my first mural. I started taking classes at Santa Teresa Tile works About 2 years ago. Making tile is very therapeutic. I was inspired by some of the artists at Santa Teresa Tile Works and comics by David Fitzsimmons. I work next door from Tucson Medical Center at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Institute. I know what great work TMC does, so it was a real delight when they accepted my donation and allowed me to put it in their pediatric court yard. I also enjoy customizing garden and memorial benches with my tile. I also enjoy making holiday ornaments. I do not have a website yet, but I am starting to get together an online business called Maggie Mae Mosaics. Unfortunately I do not have this set up yet, however if someone wants information they can reach me at

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