Tuesday, December 19, 2023

New VFW Loft Apartments and old AccessTucson mural

A mural on the west wall of the former AccessTucson TV studio downtown was there for years. If you drove through downtown on Broadway, you couldn't miss it:
That photo is from our May 29, 2009 post AccessTucson.

After AccessTucson moved away, the building stood unused for quite a while. On March 12 of this year, I noticed that it had changed:
Now the VIP Loft Apartments are behind bits of the original mural. Here are more photos:

My August 21 post on the Facebook group Tucson Murals and Street Art got this comment from Kat Sabine:
My graduate studies classmate Dr. Jessica N. Pabón-Colón coordinated the artists working on that mural for her studies at UofA. I coordinated with Vikki Dempsey to get permission for the space…All credit to her. There's more to this, but Dr. Pabón-Colón is a brilliant activist/academic and you should learn more from her.
Kat replied to me when I asked to use her comment here:
… I have just coordinated their efforts along the way.
Thanks, Kat!

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