Monday, March 18, 2024

Hidden at Danny's

Danny's Baboquivari Lounge has been on Fort Lowell Road for a long time. As I drove by on December 17, 2023, I noticed the little mural on front:
I usually check the sides of a building for other murals. In a crack between Danny's west wall and the taller building west of Danny's was an old mural:
If you click or tap on that photo, you may be able to stretch it out and see what looks like a dusty desert scene; above it is a kind-of arrow-shaped sign pointing to the right, like > BABOQUIVARI >.

Could I find the whole mural by searching Google Maps Street View for a photo before the bigger building blocked Danny's mural? The oldest image I could find was this blurry one from February 2008:

Some day I'll stop by Danny's and ask if they have an old photo. If they do, I'll update this post.

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