Monday, March 04, 2024

Maviri Vibe Vortex

This long mural covers the entire east side of the office of Darin Guthrie CPA, LLC:
Darin sent email about the mural:
When I purchased the building on March 31, 2022, I knew that the wall was perfect for a mural. Having worked with Felix Lawrence in the past on another art project, and knowing that he was involved in the local mural scene, I asked him if he would be interested in putting his talents on display on my wall. After discussing a few options, we agreed on the mural you now see, which, as I understand it, is based on an aerial photo of the wind patterns reflected in sand dunes near Sinaloa, and was completed in June of 2022.

I have received numerous comments from friends and clients about the mural, many of whom mistakenly assumed it is based on an animal pattern, such as a tiger or leopard. It gives me pleasure to share that, no, it is not an animal print, but a geographic study. I have always felt that art should be a bit on the ambiguous side, so viewers can project some of themselves into it and question if they truly understand the intent, and Felix has achieved that! I have no plans to replace the mural, although someday I may do so if the right artist and idea comes along.

There's an aging small sign at the right edge:
The two QR codes wouldn't scan with my phone. I got in touch with the artist, Felix Lawrence. It turns out that the codes aren't about the mural. The first is a link to a story on KOLD TV News: City of Tucson removes mural on private property without consent; much of the story is an interview with Felix. The second opens a folder of files on Google Drive… I won't include it here. If you'd like the link, please send me a comment (with the “Contact us” form at the far right of this blog page) and I'll email it to you.

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