Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Neighborhood art on Vine Avenue (some hidden)

On November 12, 2023, I got mail from a homeowner in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, Micheal Hailey. There was a new mural, plus a small piece of art, painted by Ignacio Garcia. Micheal wrote:
The mural is on an exterior wall [of my home] and is visible to the public. Ignacio and I felt that anyone should be able to see it. My neighbors are supportive and you are welcome to come by any time to see it.
The mural is on the west side of Vine Avenue, north of the corner of Waverly Street. A rough street address for your GPS is 2001 N. Vine Ave. I stopped by on February 4th:

Just north of the mural is a small work of art that Ignacio installed toward the end of 2023:
Micheal wrote more about it later:
The scorpion was done by Ignacio. He placed that there a few months ago and has created many others that look just like that but with varying colors. It glows in the dark. It is his intention to hide them all over town.
I found a video on Ignacio's Facebook page showing him with a lot of his different scorpions:

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