Monday, August 27, 2012

Chavez, Gandhi, Tolstoy and Tonan

This long mural at 760 S. Stone is dedicated to Cesar Chavez. The muralist was Melchor Ramirez. I took three photos on February 25th. Here they are, from right to left:

Cesar Chavez and Tonan. After a bit of searching, I found an Aztec goddess with that name. (If you know more, please leave a comment below or send me email.)

Tolstoy and Gandhi

“In memory of Cesar Chavez, Human Rights
and Union Activist, 1927-1993”

Update (April 28, 2014): The mural is part of Cesar Chavez Park, a small city park. Click there to see a photo and details in today's entry in the Tucson's Pocket Parks blog.

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