Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving mural needs new home ¡pronto!

This art car has been sitting in the Netting family's carport while Jessa was away, but she'll be in Tucson the week of August 27th. She wrote that the car was:

“painted in 1998 by Yokohama muralist Rocco Satoshi. I wondered if you might be able to help me make a connection with someone interested in preserving it.

“In his heydays in Japan and San Diego during the 1990s, Rocco covered buildings, vehicles, civic centers, and bridges with his art.

“Several years ago when I lived in San Diego, Rocco Satoshi painted my car as a part of an exhibition. I drove it in San Diego for a few years and then in Tucson when I returned to my home town for grad school. But since then I moved away to New York and will never be able to bring it out [t]here.

“My family is eager for me to get rid of the car as it has been sitting idle and, unfortunately, is now undriveable. But I haven't been able to get myself to donate it to charity as I know it is likely to be scrapped and the mural destroyed. It would make me so happy, however, to give it to any arts organization or artist just interested in it for the painted frame.

“Would you or your community be at all interested in a saving a rolling mural from the scrap heap? I would help arrange a tow.

“Thanks for any suggestions and I apologize for the hurried nature of this request. Please respond rapidly if you have any suggestions for a solution to save the art.”

I took the photos today. The car is a lot of fun! It's a Mazda 626 with Arizona plates (I blurred them in this photo). If you don't have a home for the car, please check around with friends and groups you know. Tucson loves art, so let's keep this rolling mural out of the junkyard!

You can send Jessa email at

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