Monday, August 13, 2012

Where Arctic Son studied

Years ago, not long after I moved to Tucson, I bought a book called Arctic Daughter— the story of Tucsonan Jean Aspen moving to a remote part of Alaska with her family, learning to live in true wilderness.

Fast-forward ten years or so to the start of February, 2012. I saw an article in the Arizona Daily Star about a new DVD being shown — the story of a Tucsonan who moved to Alaska with her family to, well... and I looked on my bookshelf. Same author... but now she was grown up and this was the story of her family.

The sad part was that her son, Lucas Irons, had just passed away — very young and much-beloved. Jean and her husband Tom Irons would fly in to Tucson for one night — to see friends and show the video — at Green Fields Country Day School, where Luke was a student. I couldn't miss this...

I'll leave the rest of the story to Jean's website and the school's Lucas Irons Scholarship page. I mention the story here because the school has murals! It was nearly dark, but I caught four photos. The murals are spread around the campus at 6000 N. Camino De La Tierra.

And don't miss the amazing stained-glass mural in the library made by... Jean Aspen. (She's an artist as well as a writer.) I didn’t get a photo of it.

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