Friday, August 17, 2012

More at La Pilita Museum

One of Tucson's best-known murals is on the south wall of the La Pilita Museum, 420 S. Main. We've shown a previous version of the mural, as well as the repainted mural here on the blog.

Here's a more recent photo, from February 11, of the repainted mural by Martín Moreno and the tile work in front of it:

By the front entrance is a painted chile ristra:

When I was there six months ago I asked permission to go out the back door of the museum to see the murals inside the fenced back yard. A couple of the murals are for a water harvesting project; they surround a big cistern:

That second mural above is a timeline starting from before the time of European contact. It's a nice design, but I didn't notice what it shows: water levels, maybe?

Students from Carillo Elementary School nearby have painted some of the murals at the museum:

El Tiradito under a starry sky,
and a weeping woman
The Devil and a Texan (I'm not sure
if there's any connection :)
This mural was behind two posts

Finally, here's a sign for either the students or other artists:

Now that students are back at school — six months after I took these photos — maybe there are more murals?

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