Sunday, February 03, 2013

Murals being (re-)made, part 13: Plush parking lot

Polar bear! This new mural caught my eye as I rode by the parking lot for Plush — just east of 5th Avenue and south of 6th Street — on January 20th. (It's in the middle of the parking lot's north wall.) When I rode in, I saw several people painting murals... actually, painting over murals already there. (You can see the parking lot as it was on March 27 and April 16, 2012 in Surrounded by murals: our 700th post.) I can't figure out the name at the left side (if you can, please leave a comment below!), but the name on the right is CyFi, a.k.a. the well-known Tucson muralist Rock Martinez.

They told me the polar bear was finished recently, but that they were doing more. (You can see the first photo of this crew at the end of our May 25, 2011 entry.) Here's the crew — and one of the spectators:

Rock Martinez (CyFi) and Aspir painted the mural. Here are CyFi's photos.

Here's one more. It (which looks to me like a prescription pill bottle) was added after the black background (and the mural at bottom) were painted some time before. I'm not sure if this crew added it or if it was added earlier:

I've been back since to re-photograph the whole parking lot. There's such a backlog of mural photos now that I'll wait to post those. (If you can't wait, stop by the parking lot yourself!)

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