Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Paul Bunyan (not a mural) Yarn-Bombed!

Tucson's famous Paul Bunyan statue — at the northwest corner of Stone and Glenn — has a softer touch these days: a knitted scarf. (Maybe it's keeping Paul toasty on these chilly evenings?)

Yarn-bombing a scuplture isn't exactly a “mural.” (It isn't even sort of a mural! :) But I wanted to spread the word now before the mighty lumberman shakes off this sissy scarf... or it falls off.

(By the way, once I re-launch, it'll have a section with photos of public art. That's where this sculpture belongs. Stay tuned!)

Thanks to Carlye Dundon for the heads-up and the photos!

Update (March 22, 2013): Paul's scarf is unwrapped. (Maybe, now that temps are in the 80's, it was getting too warm for him? :) Here's a photo:

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this. That Paul Bunyan man needs a scarf. About a year ago I saw that someone knitted shawls for the statues near Reid Park...