Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Winta Fresh 2013 painted over...

... was (mostly) created during Winta Fresh 2012. (If you haven't heard of Winta Fresh, here's our recent post about it. You can also use the search box at the right side of this blog.)

On January 23, I decided to walk along the length of the empty lot (just south of Und1sputed Fitness at 1240 N. Stone) and snap photos all along the two walls. These are mostly unedited, but I hope they'll help to preserve the art that was replaced on February 2nd.

Here's the north wall (the south wall of the gym) from the east end:

and the same wall from the west end:

Now, from west to east along that wall:

I couldn't help photographing the man at the bottom of that last photo (an exhausted art lover, I guessed, overwhelmed by so much creativity :). Homeless, down and out, or whatever he was, it felt wrong to leave him as a speck there, so I snapped a closeup (with my zoom lens) and I've blurred his face here:

Back to the northern wall — the eastern half:

Now the south wall. Here's a view from the west (right) side:

And the south wall murals, starting at the left (east) side... these works are a lot smaller than the north wall, so there are more to photograph:

If you painted any of these in 2012 and would like to tell us about what you painted (you can stay anonymous if you'd like), you can leave a comment below. Please tell us the number of the photo — which you can get by hovering your mouse over the photo, and a caption like “Click for a larger view of photo 19” should pop up. (If your work has been trashed by taggers, and you have a better photo, please email it to me and I'll add it.) Thanks!

If any of you artists or readers want any originals, let me know. As always, I've kept high-resolution copies of every photo; I'd be glad to share the ones you need — and clean them up first, as I do for most other photos on this blog. To make time for posting the Winta Fresh 2013 photos, I didn't edit most of these.

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