Thursday, May 09, 2013

120 South Calle de Jardin

The home in this artsy corner of the San Clemente neighborhood has a couple of murals (bring binoculars or a zoom lens; they're far enough into the property that you probably won't want to walk up to them).

Appropriately enough for a home on a street named “garden” (in Spanish), one mural is the climbing flowers that start in an actual pot (click for a closer view; look for the green paint inside the pot). There's also a mural with two quail and an “address rock” by the driveway that's painted with critters (in cave-painting style, maybe?).

The home also has one of a pair of bright green mailboxes in an artistic setting; click there to see it on the Tucson Mailbox Art blog.

I wandered through on April 25th. (You can find more on Calle de Jardin by typing the street name into the search box at the right side of this blog.)

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