Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in (actually, on) BLX

(Apologies, AC/DC fans, for that title. :)

The longtime mural on the side of BLX Skate Shop, 7th & Toole Avenues, has been replaced by this one with movie characters:

(That's a support wire across the left edge.) I found it on May 24th.

By the way, that mural is one of the 14 shown in the article The Big Picture, by Paul M. Ingram of The New York Times Student Journalism Institute. It's a great little “newspaper” written by New York Times interns right here in Tucson.

Update (May 11, 2015): That mural is by Danny Martin. He has a little more info about it on his website; he says it's a 1980s film mural with “Beetlejuice Geena Davis / MR Stay Puft / Kurt Russell.” I also found a photo of the mural cut into a skate deck.

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