Friday, May 03, 2013

Murals, mailboxes & more in May

The Tucson Mailbox Art blog has been online since December, and the Tucson Art Information website (including its public art section) is being expanded. Last week, when I was in an art-filled corner of the San Clemente neighborhood, I saw artistic mailboxes, murals, and sculpture together... and realized that I could cross-post homes or businesses that have (say) both a mailbox and a mural. So, from time to time during May, you'll see posts like this one — with a link to click so you can see (in this case) the mailbox in the middle of the mural. Other days I'll post a mailbox and add some sculpture to the public-art section. So “stay tuned!”

That's the front wall of 233 S. El Volador on April 25th. See the mailbox at the left side? (As always, you can click for a larger view.) There are two close-ups on the mailbox blog.

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