Sunday, May 19, 2013

South Tucson fire station (murals being made, part 19)

I read Arizona Daily Star reporter Kimberly Matas’ story Scouts battle graffiti with South Tucson mural in today's paper. The story didn't include a photo, though. So I went right over to the northwest corner of West 27th Street & South 5th Avenue — just behind the police and fire station — to see the mural and grab a photo:

Update (June 1, 2013): Here are close-ups after the mural was completed (as usual, you can click on a photo for an even bigger view):

For a bonus, there's an old fire engine parked next to the mural:

The article says that muralist Germaine Pesquiera guided the members of Girl Scout Troop 645, along with troop leader Pilar Ruiz. Thanks, folks, for another great piece of South Tucson street art!


Unknown said...

Sorry guys but the wall isn't completed yet. Scheduled completion date is May 20th, 2013.


Jerry Peek said...

Thanks, Germaine. I did notice some spots -- such as John Valenzuela's face -- that didn't seem complete. I'll try to come by again and re-photograph it after Memorial Day.

By the way, if you spot any of your other murals on the blog, I'd be glad to give you credit on the blog. (You can find all the murals posted before October, 2012, in the murals map) -- and I'm hoping to add more murals to it soon.)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work.

You should check out Mama's Hawaiian BBQ on Speedway and Park. There are some recently completed great murals/work there.

Jerry Peek said...


Thanks, too, for the mural tip... I always appreciate them! But we put photos online March 22: Mama's Hawaiian Bar-b-cue. (I'll get the table of murals and map updated as soon as I can -- to make recent murals easier to find.)

Unknown said...

I am happy to say that the mural project is complete.
Enjoy...... :-)

Red Maceta said...

Way to go, Jerry!