Saturday, June 22, 2013

Murals being made, part 20: Jos at Tucson Mall

You'll catch busy Jos Villabrille painting murals all over town. This spring, I found Jos (and met him for the first time) as he painted the new Good Ole Tom's location at Broadway & Wilmot. A couple of weeks ago, I met him on River Road. Yesterday, I was walking into a southwestern entrance to Tucson Mall. (Click there for a Google Map showing the mall, with a green arrow at the spot where the first — geotagged — photo was taken.)

This “murals being made” series shows any mural I find around Tucson that's in the process of being painted. (If you want to see more of the series, type murals being made into the search box at the right side of any page.) Jos seems to be working all around Tucson! He wasn't at Tucson Mall when I walked by his murals yesterday. I snapped a couple of photos, anyway.

The mural on the map above — the one nearest the entrance — looked only part-finished yesterday (around noon Friday):

The mural facing the parking lot looked finished — to my eyes, at least:

Thanks, Tucson Mall (and Jos!) for more great Sonoran Desert murals.

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