Thursday, April 30, 2015

10th and Park, part 2

In Monday's entry, we showed a block party last Saturday around the corner of 10th Street and Park Avenue. I had to leave before the murals were done, so I came back Sunday morning to grab some photos. What I found was...

...nothing except the building as it looked before Saturday's event. (The empty space at the right edge was where a group was painting a black-and-white mural; the two spaces on the left side had the color murals being made.)

I tweeted Kristin Tovar, @WhyILiveWhereILive, on Twitter to ask if she knew the story. The building owner wanted the murals to be mobile, she wrote; they were attached in frames and with rope for just that reason. The artists decided to take the murals after the day was over. She sent along a photo she found of the mural after the group of painters had finished it:

I'll try to keep you in touch with murals from Why I Love Where I Live and the Community Mural Project.

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