Friday, April 17, 2015

Art on a prison? Yes!

Last time, we saw a mural by Cristina Cárdenas at 29th & 4th in South Tucson. She also told me about another mural of hers in a place I wouldn't have thought to look: the Minimum Security Facility on South Mission Road. Although it's too bad that people inside the prison can't see the mural, it sure brightens the view from outside! A sign on the fence warned me to stay 20 feet away from it, so a photo had to show the fence.

Here's a closeup (which, as always, you can click on to get an even larger view):

Outside of the fence is a low wall with tile that echoes the mural. Here's the left end (with just a bit of the mural visible at top left):

And the right end; you'll want to click to see more detail:

I snapped the photos on February 11th.

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