Friday, April 10, 2015

Joe Pagac's Borderlands Brewing mural

On April 1, we showed Joe Pagac finishing Borderlands Brewing mural. I rode right over to see it on the 5th. It's one of Tucson's biggest murals, filled with Western vistas and humans in animals' bodies. Here's the mural in its surroundings:
(As always, you can click for a larger view.)

Let's move in closer and look at the two halves:

Close-ups of the animal-people, left to right:
Amazing work, Joe.

Update (May 26, 2015): David Aber sent photos of the mural. He pointed out that the top and bottom parts don't seem to line up:
Maybe by walking over to the edge of the mural, so you see the two parts at an angle, they might match up? Interesting.

Update (December 19, 2015): David Aber wrote:
Back in May, you and I had a discussion about Joe Pagac’s mural on the Borderlands Brewing Building. We couldn’t get the upper and lower parts of the mural to line up.....but this guy can:

Surreal Fantasy Mural Panorama <<>> Tucson's Warehouse Arts District

Update (December 24, 2015): David Aber sent email to artist Joe Pagac about the alignment issue. Joe wrote back:

Glad you like the mural so much! I'm working on a few more in the neighborhood that should be done soon. To answer your question, the pieces do line up when viewed from the center of the mural standing on the north side of the tracks (see attached photo). I wanted to find a way to fill the whole space so the upper tier is a bobcat on the mesa sneaking up on the baby quail with their mother about to pitch some dynamite at it. It makes it a bit confusing as you walk around it... But those were the walls I had to work with. Hope that answers your question!


Update (November 5, 2018): Today's Cactus Catz blog entry has more photos: Monday Mural : Joe Pagac’s Borderlands Brewery mural, Tucson, Arizona.

Update (February 17, 2022): BG Boyd Photography, which specializes in photos from drones, sent this panoramic aerial view:
(The building wall has two flat parts angled, as you can see in the first photo. There's also a small section of wall above, set back a ways. The whole mural appears curved in the panorama.) Thanks as always, BG!

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