Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Same artist, same wall, new mural

On May 30, 2016, I posted a photo of a mural painted on a board and suggested that you decide whether it counted as a mural because it wasn't “on” the wall. This was on the outside south wall of the building along Toole Avenue that once housed George Strasburger's studio, which is (now, at least) called Pleasure World Galleries. (If you'd like to read more about that mural, click there.)

Fast-forward to this year. On a cloudy August 29th, I walked past the building…
…and noticed that the mural had changed. A closeup:
Here's the previous mural, from 2016:

I found the artist, Marcus Robiason, on Facebook. He wrote about that mural and how he's different than many muralists:
Looks like its faded a bit. Cool. Yeah I saw this a long time ago. Thanks for posting it. Im not like most of the muralist in town. Everything i create is from my head as I paint it. Nothing planned out. Its hard for people to give me a wall because i never know how it will manifest. I like it that way, but lots of places want to know ahead of time what the outcome will be. Luckily the people whom have let me paint these had full trust in me. All is freeform. No projectors or pre-planning. Thanks. I appreciate that you include me in the mix. Im definitely not a commercial artist.

The one at Tanline was painted probably six months after that one and the newest one is painted on top of the old one on Toole. The previous one was fading and they asked if i wanted to touch it up, but i ended up just painting a new one. Thanks again.
On April 19, 2017, we posted the mural on Tanline Printing that he's writing about.

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