Thursday, October 19, 2017

Note: Old blog photos won't magnify

Update (October 19, 2017): The problem I describe below seems to have gone away. (Maybe Google noticed the problem after we tried to open those photos and fixed it on their end?) I'll keep an eye on it.

This past weekend, David Aber noticed something while he was updating the mural map. (If you haven't used the map, it's a great resource — thanks to him!)

On old blog posts — from around 2007, and for at least a couple of years after — when you click on an image to get a larger view, you'll get a dark image but no large photo. (If you'd like to see this, for some reason, one of the many entries with this problem is Virgin Videos?.)

As a long-time-ago Web programmer, I can see that the fix is to change each /s1600-h/ in the page's hidden code to say /s1600/. (Google must have changed this without fixing old pages, sigh.) I'll get to the (hundreds?) of them as soon as I can.

Until then, you'll need to look at the small version of the images. Sorry about that.

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