Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Murals blog notices, and other art news, on Facebook (and Twitter)

Over the years, I've tweeted over 3,500 art events, notices of new entries on this blog (and the mailbox art blog and the pocket parks blog) to the @TucsonArt feed on Twitter (if you'd like to see it, click there… you don't have to be a Twitter member). Of course, if you're already a Twitter user, you can just follow @TucsonArt.

I've set up an automatic way to send those tweets to the Tucson Art page on Facebook. (If you aren't a Facebook user, there'll be a "nag screen" covering half or all of the page. Scroll down a ways and it will cover all of the screen. Soon you'll get a "Not Now" link to click. Grrr.)

(If you only want to read about this blog, look for the "Subscribe To" or "Follow by Email" near the top right corner of this window.)

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