Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Murals being (re-)made, part 51: Fantasy Comics

Somehow we (I hope! :) haven't posted the murals at Fantasy Comics. In July of last year, I decided to fix that. I took photos… then forgot to post them.

It turned out to be a good mistake. Since then, I saw a blog with a photo of a Batman mural hidden behind a wall next to the entrance. When I went back to photograph it in May of this year, an artist was in the parking lot touching up the murals. It turned out to be Danny Martin; he's done a lot of other murals around town, too. He told me that he hadn't painted the Batman mural but that he'd done the rest.

The murals did look a bit worn last year. Let's look at those photos, then the same murals being touched up — and the Batman mural.

July 28, 2018

The first detail photo, below, shows a part of the mural off the left edge of the overall photo above:

May 16, 2019

(If you can't see the ladder and Danny in the photo below, you can — as always — click for a slideshow of larger views.)

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