Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The "living" mural

Jason Lee Nolan, the owner of Black Crow Studio, has set up a unique mural on the building across the parking lot from his business — on the TUSD building, 442 East 7th Street. (His business is across the parking lot at 426 East 7th Street.) Artists can sign up to paint an empty rectangle painted on the wall. If one of those squares is trashed by a tagger, or could just be refreshed, that part of the wall can be repainted. Here are views from the outside (north) end, through to the inside (south) end:
To keep up to date, follow @TheLivingMural on Instagram (https://instagram.com/thelivingmural). I posted an update on July 19, 2022. I'll aim to come back from time to time to get new photos.

Update (January 24, 2023): Today I posted photos of the murals across the parking lot, at Black Crow Tattoo, taken September 20, 2022.

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