Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Bye Bye Batea Boutique

I snooze, you lose. Close to three years ago, I saw mural photos on the Cactus Catz blog. One of them was of a mural at Batea Boutique, 439 N. 6th Avenue. Google didn't find it. I went looking. The mural was actually along 6th Street… I saw it once as I drove by, but I couldn't stop. Since then I've had a note to go back. At the end of August 2021, I did. The mural — and Batea Boutique — were gone.

Some hunting online showed that the boutique had moved to Phoenix. Luckily, I have permission from Cactus Catz to show her photos. The one above was edited from the photo in her blog. (Thanks!) She wrote:

Fun mural on a shop, Batea Boutique, by California artists duo Von Paul and Courtney.

Von Paul was Courtney’s sensei. They’ve been working together for years painting murals. Their murals are signed as "Von Paul and Courtney".

It’s pretty easy to find info on "Von Paul". In a search, all you have to sling after the name is "artist". But it’s impossible to find info on Courtney. Do you know how many Courtneys there are? And adding "artist" doesn’t work. Oh well, I guess Courtney will remain a mystery.

They travel around together doing murals in California, up the coast, here in Arizona and elsewhere. Looks like fun.

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