Friday, November 26, 2021

Magnificent Mile-high Mural

Well, it's not quite a mile high. Located at the northwest corner of Oregon, the Astoria Column stands on top of 600-foot Coxcomb Hill, with views like this:
(That's the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific Ocean.) The column itself is another 125 feet tall…
…so the top of the column is a bit more than one-tenth of a mile high. Whatever. :)

The mural is covered with a spiral frieze. (So that it'll belong on this blog, let's call it a mural.) I visited it on a road trip this past month. Here's one side of the column from top to bottom:
We don't usually post murals outside Tucson. But since this is Thanksgiving weekend, we're taking a little vacation. I was there on October 6th.

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