Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Hippie Gypsy reborn

Sometime this year, Hippie Gypsy — the long-time mural masterpiece (or mess, if you prefer) — was almost completely repainted. We've never showed every part of these murals in detail… unfortunately, we can't snap photos of many of the old murals, so let's do the new murals right! I snapped this near sunrise (while the painted shutters were closed) on August 23rd:
Jumping back to 2008, this photo by Warren V. in Tucson Murals Project's 50th Posting!:

Most of the faces of famous musicians on the right side (the north wall), above, are still there. But the rest — especially the east wall — has changed a lot. Here's the whole north wall on September 20, 2022:
Next, left to right, zigzagging between top and bottom:

Over to the left (east) side. I stopped by on a cloudy morning, September 20, so you could see the wall without strong shadows from the tree. First, the whole wall:
Next, the left edge, followed by an overall shot of the three shutters, then a closeup of each shutter and the wall underneath it, and finally an overall view from the right (north) side:

Finally, angled between the two sides is the entrance:
Let's wait to see what the owners do 14 years from now!

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