Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Making sick kids happy

Joe Pagac must have a lot of energy! Not long ago, he finished 5+ months hiking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Coast Trail… here's a map. He paints murals as energetically. Sometime before his trip, he painted the hallway at Tucson Medical Center connected to the Pediatric Emergency Department. Here's the spot, not far from an outside door, where kids check in:
If you're already inside the hospital, you'll see this entrance to the hall:
If you aren't familiar with TMC, there are maps at information desks, interactive kiosks, and online at https://www.tmcaz.com/maps-and-directions/ (the halls are shown in the Main Hospital Map). Once you get there, you'll find that the murals are interactive if you use the Artivive app. You can search for the app by name in your phone's app store, but there's also a QR code on the wall next to each mural (TMC has free Wi-Fi):
I'll take you along the hall from the outside door to the main hallway in the middle of the hospital:

I was there on October 2, 2022.

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