Friday, November 11, 2022

Thunder Bacon Burger Company

Thunder Bacon Burger Co. is on North 4th Avenue. Next to the restaurant covered with lightning bolts (the corporate logo) is a mural by Chris Mitchell:
I got there early to photograph the building with its roll-up shutters down. But, as you can see above, that wasn't a great time to take a photo of the mural. Luckily, I found the artist, Chris Mitchell, on the Instagram account @opctucson (Old Pueblo Collective, which sells "Wildly unique art created by Chris Mitchell"). He'd posted a photo of himself next to his mural:
Thanks to OPC for sending that high-resolution version of the photo. (They, along with Chris, will be popping up on the patio at Thunder Bacon Burger during the Winter Street Fair on December 10th and 11th.)

Chris also has a personal Instagram account, @chris_mitchell_art, with much more of his work.

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