Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Maybe a mural, part 24

Just a bit south of the photo in part 23 of this series is the home at 422 N. Forgeus. This is a close-up (from the street, with a zoom lens) of one of the works on the wall of this home. The lower right corner is signed "Guini".

By the way, we only show scenes that are visible from public streets or in other locations open to the public. If the wall around the home had been a couple of feet higher, I wouldn't have seen the side of the home (and you wouldn't be seeing this photo). There were construction tools on the outer wall by the sidewalk, so it might be higher by this point; if it is, I'll remove this photo after the next time I roll by to check on the mural. (And, by the way, this is far too small to see from a car. If you'd like to see the neighborhood for yourself, you might check the Google Map I linked to above, park somewhere nearby and take a stroll! Rincon Market and the wonderful Seven Cups Teahouse, among other stores, are just a block away at 6th & Tucson...)

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