Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving tale of three photographers

Early on Sunday morning, May 1st, I headed out with my camera on another long mural-hunting trip through a part of Tucson I hadn't visited before. As I rode by the intersection of South 11th Avenue and West Ohio Street, I saw the scene below — most in shade and some lit by early-morning sun.

The wraparound mural looked like a roll of film. "A photographer's studio," I thought — or maybe an old movie theater? There was no business sign, and it was much too early to hunt around on foot. So I snapped that rough photo, jotted down the address (which I thought was probably 4576 S. 11th Avenue), and made a note to check into it.

Fast-forward to yesterday, November 23. I searched Google Maps for that address, and it placed the location pin on the same northwest corner. It also said that the business there is Martinez Photography. When I tried calling the phone number in Google's listing (and in several other listings for Martinez Photography), it was... disconnected.

So I tried searching Google for Martinez Photography Tucson and found some gorgeous photos at "Found him!," I thought. But when I called, Pablo Martinez told me that the building wasn't his.

I'll plan to go back to that corner to find out more — and, I hope, to get a better photo of the mural. In the meantime, please enjoy Pablo's website... and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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