Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oasis Fruit Cones on 12th

This is the north wall of Oasis Fruit Cones, 4128 S. 12th Avenue (across 12th from the corner of West District Street). I was there on May 1st before opening time — which, I've read since then, was my mistake! Reviews on Yelp raved about their raspados (at the St. Marys Road location, anyway), and the photo on the Metromix page made me sure that this is a place I'll need to research more thoroughly. :)

Update (April 2, 2013): I just posted a photo of Oasis Fruit Cones on St. Marys.

Update (April 7, 2017): Johanna Martinez told me that she'll be part of a team who'll paint a new mural here soon. They'd already started scraping off the old mural. Here's a photo I took today:

Update (June 21, 2017): Today David Aber posted photos of the mural being remade: The Talking Mural (Murals being made, part 47a).

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