Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(More) Roses & More

Certain Tucson organizations really support murals (and muralists) — for instance, schools & pre-schools; body piercing and tattoo places — almost any business in the City of South Tucson — as well as chains like Mariscos Chihuahua and Roses & More.

Here are three photos of one of the Roses & More locations: 380 W. Grant (at the corner of Oracle).

The sign out front, at the southwest corner of their lot (the other side is typically as nice, though I didn't snap it):

The southwest corner of their building (I think the roof used to be part of the mural... does anyone remember what the image was... maybe the sky? By the way, I took these photos on February 22, 2011):

And a detail from the southeast corner:

Update (May 7, 2019): For more color, see today's entry More Roses & More photos from Chris Andrews.

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