Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whatta wash!

Tucson's washes (arroyos, often lined with concrete) are a magnet for muralists — those who have permission (and even encouragement) from the neighborhood, as well as ones who do, well, "unofficial" painting. This wash, just southeast of Speedway & Alvernon, is of the first type. Here's the view from the southern end, along Second Street:

You're probably wondering how to find this extended mural? First, you need to be on Montezuma Avenue — or drive along 2nd Street, east of Alvernon, until you reach Montezuma. Here's a Google Map satellite view of the intersection of 2nd & Montezuma. If you follow the direction of Montezuma, from south to north, as it crosses 2nd, you'll see the wash extending north toward 1st. That's the block with this fun series of murals.

On the left of the first photo (above), a drainage pipe enters the wash. Or is it the entrance to a mine or a cave?

A bit farther north is a fish with a tongue that circles Earth:

And here's the view from the north end — at 1st Avenue — looking south:

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