Monday, December 19, 2011

Our 500th post: Feld Davis Park

We've been posting photos of murals for more than five years now. This is post #500 (and there are still many more murals to go)!

I try to make each "hundredth" post a bit special. I saved Feld Davis Park for the 500th partly because of where most of the murals are painted: on the street instead of a wall.

The park has a unique story, too. It was built by volunteers from the Rincon Heights Neighborhood Association and the Watershed Management Group as a community park that would also reduce pollution in High School Wash, which runs by the park. People dug water harvesting basins, using plants, soil, and organic matter to filter pollutants out of the wash. Along with the nice setting, the details of the murals are fun to see:

Feld Davis Park is at the southeast corner of 8th Street & Martin, just west of Campbell. I rode by on the morning of May 11th.

Update (November 4, 2013): There's an overall photo, and more info, in today's entry on the Tucson's Pocket Parks blog.

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