Thursday, December 15, 2011

Searching for mural news

I've never studied art or done any painting. I didn't know anything about the Tucson mural scene when I started contributing to this blog almost five years ago. ("David Tineo?" Joe Pagac?") I've been learning! If you'd like a tip: You can read more about murals on a Tucson news website.

For instance, try:
Search for "mural" or for the name of a group like "Tucson Arts Brigade" or "CODAC". Then browse through the search results. You'll see both old and new articles.

There are lots of news sources online, including TV, radio, entertainment, and more. You can also read a selection of news about murals (generally from outside Tucson) near the top-right corner of this blog, underneath the search box. If you have suggestions of good places to find news about murals, please leave a comment below.

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