Thursday, December 20, 2012

Next door to Frida

On October 2, I was driving west on Prince Road, past the familiar Frida Kahlo mural, when I noticed a new mural just west of there. I pulled in quickly — fast enough to park in front of Frida — and I noticed that her paint was peeling. (I made a note to send email to the muralist. He doesn't live in Tucson.) Then I walked next door to check out this mural:

It's on the fence just west of aQua Salón & Barbería. (I think I got that right... yes, there's a capital Q in the middle of aQua.) There wasn't an address on the front of the hairstyling shop, but I can tell you that it's next door to Carnicería La Noria (which has the Frida mural); the carnicería (a meat market) is at 704 East Prince.

(As always, you can click on the photo for a larger view.)

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