Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rialto in progress (Murals being made, part 10)

For years now, the north end of the east side of the Rialto Theatre (318 E. Congress) has had an ever-changing series of murals announcing concerts there. When I rode by on December 25th (Congress Street is partly re-opened now, by the way!), I saw something different there. It didn't look like the previous multi-panel concert announcement murals.

(To see more of them — though we didn't catch them all! — look for the above address in the Downtown-University section of the table of murals) or type rialto into the Search box at the right side of this page.)

Here's the new mural I spotted yesterday...

...and a close-up of (most of) the right panel (not including some of the side that's behind the rusty-iron planter):

You can see a grid with numbers at the bottom, and the outline of something at the right side.

The man holding the sign at the right end has been there for a lot of the murals Joe Pagac has painted, I'm guessing that this mural is Joe's too. We'll see after he (and/or whoever else) signs it.

(To see more of Joe's work, type Joe Pagac into the Search box. He also has a new website. And, of course, you can look for his work with a search engine like Bing or Google; try their Image Search feature.)

I met an artist yesterday outside the Solar Culture gallery who pointed out Joe Pagac's studio a bit farther along the same building, at 19 E. Toole. I'll try to catch him in person sometime soon. Stay tuned for a report!

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