Thursday, January 17, 2013

Artistic home and library, part 2 of 2

On January 15th, we showed murals on the walls of the home at 4102 E. Lester. (It's the corner of Lester Street and Justin Lane — one block north of Pima, halfway between Alvernon and Columbus. As always, you can click the address above for a map.)

Today I'll show you the surprise that I mentioned in the home's front yard. First, the front (the south side):

...the back (facing Lester Street):

...and the inside (without some of the books):

The library's roof hadn't been added yet. Also, if you look carefully at the back side (click on the second photo for a larger view), there are tiny letters around the flower. In case you can't see them, here's the beginning:

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."

There's much more. Why not bring stop by the corner, read the back, take a book... maybe leave a book... and enjoy what these dedicated people have given to us through their hard work and their art?

This is a Little Free Library. You can read more about the movement by visiting

The artist was Judy Ostermeyer. The home's owner is Meg Johnson; she's currently secretary of the Garden District Neighborhood Association.

Meg told me that, as far as she knew at that point, this was the second Little Free Library in Tucson.

I had a very enjoyable conversation with Meg there, next to the library, two months ago — November 20, 2012. (I hope that my notes were correct... I was riding on my bicycle, not expecting to find something like this, and was surprised by what happened next!)

Update (January 26, 2013): Meg Johnson sent new photos. One shows the front with the new roof:

The other is of the back. It has a new Little Free Library sign at the top, as well as the date and Judy Ostermeyer's signature at the bottom:

Thanks again, Meg.

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My friend just introduced me to your blog. I LOVE it. Now I can admire and find all of the murals in Tucson without personally trying to hunt them all down :) I just completed a MLK jr. mural on Columbus and Cooper st. (just south of Broadway) if you are interested take a look at my blog... keep up the good work! (you can feel free to use my images of my mural)