Friday, January 25, 2013

Winta Fresh 2013 is Saturday February 2!

On Sunday the 20th, I rode by the amazing mural-lined parking lot for Plush. (You can see it in our October 29, 2012 post.) Around ten people were there painting or watching. I mentioned that this scene looked like the WintaFresh space on North Stone. One of them told me that this year's WintaFresh is coming soon: Saturday the 2nd.

I searched online and found a Tucson Weekly calendar article confirming the date and time (11am - 4pm) and calling this year's event “Tucson's fifth annual Graffiti Expo.” The artist I talked to said that painting costs $50; you get some cans of paint and a space that's yours.

The article says this is “a mural incorporating the work of more than 50 Tucson artists,” but I think that may not be quite true. From what I've understood before — and from another of the artists I talked with on Sunday — these are artists from all over the country who come to Tucson just for this event.

I have a feeling that the 50 artist slots are already taken, but that you can pay $5 to watch it happen. If you can't make it, I'm going to try to be there... expect a full report here on the blog soon after. :)

That's one of the many murals from WintaFresh 2011. If you'd like to see other WintaFresh art, look for 1240 N. Stone in the North of Downtown section of the table of murals.

Update (February 3, 2013): I've uploaded WintaFresh 2013 video (hand-held, unedited, stereo sound) to the TucsonArtInfo YouTube channel.

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