Sunday, April 14, 2013

Park Place Chalk Art Festival, part 3 of 3

In this third post of last weekend's second annual Park Place Chalk Art Festical, we'll take a tour through the kifZONE, which was sponsored by Macy's. It covered most of the pavement around the store with small chalk murals. (If you missed Part One or Part Two, click there.)

I took most of these photos the morning after the festival ended, April 8th. These first two show the scene when kids were painting, on Saturday, April 6:

The photos are in no particular order — except that I started at the east end (near the store entrance) and finished at the southwest corner. A lot of the pavement squares were shared between several artists. Watch for the line of quail “walking” through the murals. (And, if a lot of these seem just like kids' scrawls, try looking through anyway... there are some gems in here!) As always, you can click on any photo for a larger view.

Notes about the photos

  • I haven't edited them by hand with GIMP, as I usually do. Instead, I used the automated ImageMagick editor. (Here are introductions to ImageMagick that I wrote in 2006: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.) I used -sigmoidal-contrast 5,50% to level the brightness and color.
  • These are geotagged. So you can use geotagging software to find the approximate location of the art. (The GPS in my camera doesn't seem to be too accurate.)
  • When you click on a photo for a larger view, the photos you'll see aren't as large as usual. To save storage space, I've made the big images 800 pixels wide instead of 1024
  • They're in the public domain. I've cut the size and detail, though, for posting online. If any you'd like an original photo, please send me email. (If you use the photo somewhere online or for profit, I'd suggest asking the artist's permission first — and giving their name so they get credit for their hard work.)
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