Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tucson treasure lost

This was the scene three years ago at 2939 E. Monte Vista... which I dubbed “Mary’s Street”:

Since then, things changed (as you can read in our posts four months ago and one month ago). Here's the same wall early this morning:

When I opened my email last night and saw this message from Mary's daughter Crystal (who's one of the kids on that mural, by the way), I knew where my morning bike ride would be:

The grey is sprayed over the windows, too. I get the feeling that the new owners wanted to obliterate all of the color. But they've missed some! See the red squares and yellow stripes on the sidewalk above — and the splash of blue on the inside of the wall at the right. And the little pool still has some blue tiles:

Perhaps they'll re-paint in a benign beige or a pastel pink?

I'll miss Mary's Street.

Update (5:30 PM): Crystal emailed to tell me that KGUN9 covered the story last night. Beware: there's more heartbreak in their “KGUN9 on your side” story.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are definitely "worth a thousand words" more than any other pictures I've seen before. How sad to first loose your home and then seeing the very artistic and colorful memories left behind being destroyed, as well. Thanks for keeping the memories alive with the Murals blog, Jerry, and my best wishes to Mary and Crystal.