Monday, December 22, 2014

End-to-end Plush art, 2013 and before

It was a year ago — Christmas Day, 2013 — that I went out for a bike ride to burn off my figgy pudding (or, more likely, tamales :). I rolled by the Plush parking lot and saw a lot of new art. The photos start at the northeast end and finish at the southwest:

For a look at the whole parking lot — though not the same murals you see above — here's a Google Street View showing the view from the east end. The view is currently from June 2013. (For earlier views from the same spot, click on "Street View - June 2013" at the upper-left and use the slider that appears. The 2008 view shows the lot before it was painted!) To see a map, click on "Back to map" at the lower-left corner.

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