Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finessing Frank's

Frank's Auto Refinishing has something you might not expect: wall-to-wall art. I caught the building at sunrise back in 2012.

Mark Fleming stopped by this year and sent photos in September. A lot is the same (though the sides look white instead of a warm color, but that might have been the sunrise)... there's also some new art and signage. Let's look. First, the east side from south to north:

See the differences? The first photo shows a new mural at the left side, some green tube lights around the column, and a bunch of fine print. In the third, Frank has added body shop at the top.

Next, the north side: first all of it, then close-ups from east to west:

The big change here is the gorgeous mural in the last photo. I don't think it was there two years ago!

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Mark.

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