Thursday, December 04, 2014

Street art online

If you can't get enough street art, here are three places online to satisfy your holiday hunger.

Banksy Revisited

Last month, as I was searching for art online, I found the daily blog called Banksy Revisited (named for the famous UK street artist Banksy). It's amazing! You could spend half a day looking at the art in each day's post:

Today's Banksy Revisited front page

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Google Street Art

This summer, I ran across an article on the Guardian (a newspaper in the United Kingdom) about a new Google site with thousands of photos of street art:

Google launches online street art gallery to bring global graffiti to anyone

The art is fantastic. So far, most of it is from Paris, London, New York, Manila, and Lisbon. Maybe we can get Google to bring their cameras to Tucson?!


This website lists street art worldwide. Here's the Tucson page:

Fatcap Tucson page

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