Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flashback: 100 Congress Street, 1974

You Tucsonans who've been here since 1974 — or were visiting back then — might have seen some murals on Congress that were since hidden. Mark Fleming found them again on November 9th of this year. He wrote:
A mural from 1974 exposed during demolition of 100 E Congress store. Perhaps back then the clientele was fraternity or sorority? The Dylan piece was in a derelict store next door. These two decrepit stores seem to have defied the latest renewal efforts. They are in bad shape. 100 E Congress no roof and no south wall.
I think Mark got the date from a line in the next-to-last photo below: John Iungerich 1974 / PO? 443 Coolidge AZ 8.....

Here are the photos as Mark sent them, without my usual nitpicky editing:

If you have any other photos of long-gone Tucson murals, please let me know!

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