Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Murals map updated!!

This blog has been online for almost ten years (since July 12, 2006). For most of those years, we've tried to help you find murals with both a map of the whole city and a table with details about individual murals. (You can find these, and more, on the TucsonArt.info murals page.) Eventually, though, the volunteer trying to hold together this whole project — me, Jerry — ran out of time to take photos, upload and edit them, update the table, update the map, and more. So I concentrated on keeping the blog going.

(The map and table of murals are also useful for those of you who want to contribute mural photos but don't know whether a particular mural is already on the blog. So I've been sad that I couldn't keep them up to date.)

When David Aber joined the Tucson Murals Project, his energy and enthusiasm for murals has been a big boost for me just as I got even more busy with other things. He took on the job of updating the murals map. Last week he finished. The map is up to date; I, and he, aim to keep it that way as we add new blog entries.

There's a small view of the map above, but it's only a snapshot of the map today. To see the real map anytime, go to this address:


The map shows both current murals and historical ones (murals that don't exist anymore). When you zoom in and click on a pin, you'll get a popup box with the address of the mural and a link to click to see the blog entry (with a photo and more information). There's also a list by address in the left-hand column… though it's in no particular order, so it may not be much help.… on the desktop view, shown above, you can click the three dots at the top-right corner of that area and choose “Collapse map legend” to get rid of it.

David spent many hours going through years of this blog and updating the map. I hope you'll congratulate him for his hard work! (Post a comment below, if you'd like, or contact him through his Google+ page.)

The table of murals is still out of date. It's also confusing to use. I'll try to replace it with a long list, ordered by street name, searchable and easy to update, “real soon now.” :-/ If you have time to spare, I'd be glad for some help!

And now back to our previously scheduled murals…

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